Dry Ridge Installers Peterlee

Dry ridge is the method, by which, ridge or hip ridge tiles are fixed to the roof. This is done without the use of traditional sand and cement mortar. This intelligent system means that your ridge tiles will be less likely to blow off in stormy conditions. Broken tiles on the driveway, on your car, or through a conservatory are not nice things, but they do happen. Also, dry ridge provides ventilation for the roof space of a building and helps prevent unwanted condensation and it is flexible so it can move with the natural expansion and contraction of a building over time.

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The benefits of dry verge roofing:

Excellent method for fixing ridge or hip ridge tiles to the roof
No traditional sand and cement mortar required
Prevents unwanted condensation
Helps increase roof lifespan
Allows natural movement of the roof
Quick and easy installation

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